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Assembly line in factory
The Houseware division comprises the following companies :
  • Herald Houseware Limited
  • Zhuhai Herald Houseware Limited
  • Pilot Housewares (U.K.) Limited

HERALD HOUSEWARE LIMITED ("HHSE") HHSE is a manufacturer of aluminium cookware. HHSE was established in 1984 when Herald acquired the assets of an aluminium cookware manufacturing business in Hong Kong.

Our emphasis is in the production of high-end TOP ( Top of Range ) non-stick aluminium cookware and aluminium hard anodized cookware products which are sold directly to customers under their private trademark or Herald's own trademarks, "Pilot" and "Chefmate".

Our focus is on a wide range of high quality cookware items to meet the needs of our customers. In-house design capabilities allow for rapid adaptation to changing design trends. We are able to produce a variety of cookware shapes and gauges, interior and exterior finishes and both metallic and non-metallic handles. We have a production management team and a well-trained workforce that assures our customers the best quality of products and service.

Body forming section
Automatic spraying booth
High temperature curing oven
On-line 100% inspection for critical process

The Zhuhai joint-venture manufacturing facilities have been set up giving us a total annual production capacity in excess of 4.5 million units. The Zhuhai operations were granted ISO 9001 status in July 2006.

HHSE continues to place great emphasis on R&D, product development and customer service. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our international customer base.

Zhuhai's ISO9001 certification
Pilot cookware on display in England

Zhuhai Herald Houseware Limited ( " ZHH " )

ZHH was set up in 1992. Herald Investment (China) Company Limited holds 80% of the equity of the joint-venture and the remaining balance of 20% is held by Zhuhai Kailong Investment Development Company Limited. ZHH also operates in a purpose-built factory of 3 storeys on a site of 62,000 sq. ft. Production space amounts to 54,000 sq. ft. ZHH has 280 employees and an annual output of over 4,500,000 pieces .

Pilot Housewares ( U.K. ) Limited ( " PILOT " )

Pilot is Herald's distribution company in Nottingham, England marketing products manufactured by the cookware division under the "Pilot" brand. Pilot is a well established presence on the U. K. cookware scene and distributes through some of Britain's best known retailers.

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