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Company Profile

The Herald Group embraces toys, houseware, computer products and timepieces divisions with operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and UK.

Toys Division

Herald Metal & Plastic Works Limited, now the operating company of the toy division, was first established in 1969 by Mr. Chang Dong-Song, Mr. Boris Freiman, and the late Mr. George Bloch, and is a leading toy producer with factories in Dongguan. In the mid 1980's, Herald diversified into other fields of manufacturing through the acquisition of two other businesses - houseware and computer heads.

Houseware Division with UK Sales and Distribution Unit

Herald Houseware Limited makes upmarket and protective coated aluminum cookware. Pilot Housewares (UK) Limited, the Group's UK cookware sales and distribution unit, accounts for more than a third of the division's sales.

Computer Products

Herald Datanetics Limited manufactures magnetic tape heads for computer storage drives, and is a major supplier of ferrite and thin-film magnetic recording heads.
Recently, Herald Datanetics diversified into manufacturing of other electronic data storage related products.

Timepiece Division - Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution

In 1989, Herald acquired a factory which manufactured clocks and clock radios. It was then merged into Herald's own timepiece business and the new entity is known as Herald Electronics Limited.

In early 1994, the Group acquired Zeon Ltd., the largest timepiece importer and distributor in the UK. Zeon is a leader in sports, fashion and children's licensed timepieces. Zeon owns the "Ingersoll" trademark, one of the oldest and best known watch brands in the UK.

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